Happy Sex Life = Happy Life

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Happy Sex Life = Happy Life

If your life is feeling overly stressful or you have the blues, don’t overlook one of the most simplest cures — healthy sex. Happy sex life = happy life! This has been around since the beginning of time.

Studies have shown that sex can help the body and mind by reducing tension, helping you relax and focus on something else, and improve your mood.

The Good Life

Endless studies have shown that people with an active, healthy sex life experience a greater sense of well-being. One study of the sexual habits of adults shows a direct link between sexual activity and a better quality of life.Happy Sex Life

The more you have sex, the higher your personal happiness is likely to be. When your body feels pleasure, your blood runs a bit quicker, and endorphins (a feel good chemical) are released throughout your system.

This is heightened even more as you climax, the sparks that fire through the channels in your brain are immense, leaving you feeling euphoric, relaxed and pretty happy.

Sexual satisfaction and relationship satisfaction are closely linked. When people feel happy and satisfied in their relationships, that will, in many ways, protect them from depression, anxiety or other health risks.

It’s a pretty good feeling having a good, active, loving sex life with the person you love, it helps you to feel a closeness to each other that no-one else can share, and you’ll probably also smile more, which is also believed to promote a feeling of happiness within you. It’s a calorie burner too, so get busy.

happy sex lifeOxytocin is also released into your body during orgasm by both men and women, Oxytocin is believed to enhance bonding and intimacy with your partner (in women this chemical is also released throughout the body during childbirth and breastfeeding, promoting bonding with mother and baby). Oxytocin is believed to aid the release of endorphins, which are also known to be mood boosters and natural pain killers.

Studies have shown that the natural flow-on effects of lovemaking in the body can last up to a week! These must be pretty powerful chemicals being released into your body.

So if you have a happy, healthy sex life, then you are probably on track to having a happy, healthy life!

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